Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yacht Steve Jobs went into the Italian port of Brindisi [photo]

Yacht "Venus" , on which Steve Jobs worked until his death, moored in the port of the Italian city of Brindisi. Family ship Apple founder imprinted on the photo one of the locals.

This year saw the ship in different parts of the world. In April, the 80-meter yacht spotted in Ensenada , Baja California, in May - in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Before that, she docked at the port of Antibes, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Zhangdzhiaganga, Tianjin, Cape Town and Durban.
This week's "Venus" moored off the coast of Brindisi. Small province in Italy in the east of the Apennine peninsula Brindisi considered ideal "safe haven" for travelers who want to relax on the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Besides having good conditions for a beach holiday, its prominence in the tourist world Brindisi acquired and due to the status of one of the centers of Italian winemaking and as a result, one of the centers of wine tourism.
Recall that the "Venus" went on the water in the presence of the family of the deceased genius inventor in October 2012 . The vessel's hull is made entirely of aluminum, which makes it extremely light and maneuverable. Teak deck perfectly smooth and flawless. As in stores Apple Store, instead of windows in the cockpit large almost floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and in the main living area - huge glass wall width and height of twelve to three meters. Chief Engineer Apple stores designed for Steve special glass that can serve as a support structure. Among other differences, the family ship Jobs - a large recreation area with a Jacuzzi on the deck.
In the biographical book "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson says that former Apple CEO together with French designer Philippe Starck has long worked on the yacht, which was supposed to meet his vision of how to relate to the creation of things that are not even computers. Jobs on board with his family planned to swim where they like.
Construction of "Venus" completed a year after the death of the inventor of iPhone.