Thursday, August 7, 2014

Designer showed sketches iPhone 6 in gold case encrusted with diamonds [gallery]

With the approach of September Networks keeps popping concepts next flagship smartphone iPhone, based on rumors and leaks of information. His vision of the issue offered designer Martin Hajek, who created several renderings hypothetical iPhone 6 in the gold version.

Hayek is well known to regular readers as the creator MacDigger most interesting concepts epplovskih devices. Previously, he demonstrated Mac Pro in gold case , iPad Mini and iPad Mini S C , model iPhone Lite and other interesting work. This time the designer suggested a concept iPhone 6 in the case of 24-carat gold, studded with precious stones.
According to the author of the concept, exclusive version of the iPhone 6 is cloaked in a thin shell with a 4.7-inch screen and narrow bounds on its edges. The unit is also equipped with a gold button Home with integrated fingerprint reader Touch ID and two cameras located in their places. But the power button / lock moved from the upper bound on the side. On the casing of the phone has a logo Apple, inlaid with diamonds.
Recall that in late July Brikk company began taking orders for expensive model of iPhone 6, whose body is made ​​of gold and platinum, as well as with diamonds. Presented in line Lux smartphones designed for wealthy buyers: the cheapest version of new items will cost $ 4400, the most expensive - at $ 8700. Those who wish to leave the reservation, must pay a deposit of $ 500.