Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple Watch: how Apple will conquer the market of "smart" watches

Say, Apple is doing such things, which people had no idea that they need them. But this is not entirely true. Apple gives people exactly what they really need. That is why events such as the recent presentation of "smart" watches Apple Watch, have a significant cultural impact.

In the arguments about the product and the needs of experts tend to refer to Maslow's pyramid - a popular theory, which assumes that human needs are allocated in sequence, from the base to ensure the survival, to the top - self-actualization. But Maslow's not all right. Observers Harvard Business Review conducted their own study to obtain a more complex and close to the real experience of the description of the basic needs, based on new evidence from psychology, economics and neuroscience.
Taken into account when discussing the needs of four categories:
  • Feedback
  • Comfort
  • The uniqueness
  • Variety
These requirements do not line up in the hierarchy. Think about it: it is not that you are awake even think about food, then the money, and in the evening - the sublime. So not built any day, nor life. Dodgy biology suits out of this horrible mixture. Hormones, neurotransmitters, gut bacteria even encourage us to think about the basic needs interspersed survival and lofty things like self-realization. They compete with each other, demanding our attention, and we prioritize on the fly according to the changing context.
Apple understands this - this is what distinguishes the company, which is why it creates gadgets (including smart watches) that are radically changing market. The company does not address the needs of one of the whole pyramid (soup for the hungry, the perfect vehicle for aspiring to perfection), but it creates and promotes products that simultaneously satisfy all the needs that we constantly strive to meet. Take Apple Watch as an example.
Communication. Among the main features of the new device - the texts, the ability to draw with your finger emoticons and even (some say it is a complete vypendrezhem) communicate to each other the rhythm of the heartbeat.
Comfort. The concept of comfort includes constant communication with your loved ones, as well as built-in functions "coach": gadget monitors sporting success and health, helping to build a program of self-improvement.
Uniqueness. Here Apple is true to itself. While many were surprised by the traditional image Apple Watch, is actually from the traditional button factory designer has made the user interface tool with zoom, allowing flipping cards and menus. Equally original touchscreen interface: a light touch and depression are seen as two different teams, that is, the small screen is twice as efficient.
Variety. Here again worked designer, providing interchangeable watch bracelets. We have recently witnessed a consumer marketing company manages to give a personal touch certainly standardized products. Think of advertising: dozens of MacBook, each decorated with an exquisite label literally coiled around the company's brand. Of course, a variety of these watches will give a unique set of applications.
But unless other manufacturers of smart hours can not do the same? Forrester data shows that demand for wrist sensory gadgets increased from 28% in 2013 (also a rather big number) to convincing 42% in 2014 - before the advent of Apple Watch. But ordinary users ask their opinion about Pebble, Samsung Gear or new Moto 360, and you Just look in amazement.About Nike Fuel Band or Fit Bit they probably have not heard at all.
But none of these gadgets are not satisfied with our four needs as fully and as comfortably as Apple Watch. Pebble, for example, focuses on these needs, but not so comfortable using technology. As a new word in the niche of smart watches, this gadget is worthy of praise, but for the developed market, they were not good enough. Samsung has created watches, sulivshie like as full satisfaction of the needs of all four, but the company does not have the market opportunities Apple and simply do not have time to quickly release a large number of applications for your gadget. It is this set of applications provides a competitive advantage Apple, as evidenced by the emergence of the mobile payment system. In the eyes of a potential buyer of Samsung and other companies lose a Californian company, because they can not give that unconditional guarantee (the same kind of comfort) that customers come to expect from Apple.
And this is another secret rule of Apple. Since the Corporation has established itself as a company capable of meeting all four requirements, people used to trust her more - but more than it really deserves? Other companies have to fight for it to be heard, and they are trying to cling to Apple, constantly referring to the company in its advertising, comparing their products to that attracts everyone's attention. Apple is, and competitors in the wings. There are other, quite decent smart watches, but this fact only once again tells us how Apple affected the market and ideas in the industry.
The same strategy has helped Apple sell around the world iPad: just showed magical possibilities of the new tablet. As a result, many bought the iPad, and the others understand exactly what to demand from other manufacturers plates. So Apple seizes the market, creating expectations of the users.
What experience promise the buyer a new watch, not so easy to determine, as is the case with the tablet. But Apple is just beginning to form a new product line. Will have a lot of wrist gadgets that combine features of the phone, watches, headphones, hand pulse sensors and everything else that is so urgent for all of us.