Friday, September 26, 2014

Microsoft has not stopped the development of Surface Mini

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a new tablet computer Surface Pro 3. Many expected that with Pro 3 will be announced and Surface Mini, which for a long time on the web there are various rumors. Unfortunately, the tablet has not been shown to the public, and the reason for the failed announcement, as insiders claim, is that Microsoft was not sure that it will be able to make a proper product compete with other representatives in the market. 
Microsoft не прекратила разработку Surface Mini

In July, Microsoft confirmed the abolition of production Surface Mini in the financial reports and stated that this year the company plans to release the device is not included in the new line of Surface form factor. We now know that Brad Sams, a spokesman for the resource Neowin, visited the Microsoft campus in Redmond, and he was able to try out a prototype Surface Mini.
Brad confirmed that the device is equipped with an 8-inch HD-display, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1 GB of RAM, plug USB, slot for microSD memory card and stylus. Surface Mini runs on the operating system Windows RT 8.1. He also noted that the Surface Mini has unique covers, which we have never seen before. Microsoft has implemented support for additional functions in the mini-tablet with the help of the above-mentioned accessories. A cover protects the front side of the device, but does not preclude the external keyboard, while the other plate is designed for use in a portrait position. Bellows are also two small latches to flip stand on the back side.
Does Microsoft Surface Mini release in the future - is still unknown. Also you can read the full report Brad Samsa, familiarization with the unannounced tablet.