Monday, September 1, 2014

MOTA SmartRing: «smart» ring companion for your smartphone

Despite criticism from some experts, the industry is the so-called wearable computing devices is actively developing. Today, it's not too common, but already well-known among users of smart watches. For those who do not want to wear a watch overall, offered an interesting gadget called MOTA SmartRing.

As you've probably guessed, we are talking about an electronic device in the form of a conventional ring on your finger. This new product is an addition to the iPhone and Android-based phone. It supports wireless Bluetooth and allows you to get notifications of calls, messages, calendar events, without taking your smartphone out of his pocket. Settings "smart" ring can be changed using the mobile application.
MOTA SmartRing can display the time and text messages be used as a timer, or search for your smartphone. If a user is deleted by a few meters away from the phone, the ring begins to beep. This will protect against loss or theft of the device.
New made in waterproof stainless steel housing and is equipped with a rechargeable battery for 24 hours of continuous operation. There is support for devices running iOS and Android.Also required module Bluetooth 4.0.
Official presentation of the MOTA SmartRing held at the IFA in Berlin. The cost of "smart" ring is not reported.