Monday, September 22, 2014

Samsung followed Apple equip "smart" watch with NFC module and the electronic payment system

The third generation of "smart" watches from Samsung is equipped with a module for electronic payments and NFC fingerprint scanner, reports Business Korea. The premiere of new items planned for February 2015. Around the same time, Apple will launch its own smart watch Apple Watch.

When a purchase is made the owner of watch need to confirm your identity by entering your login and touching a finger to a fingerprint sensor. Information about the transaction and account balance will come in the form of a text message.
Samsung is already in partnership with the popular payment system PayPal. As for the biometric component, then help the South Korean giant may have a company Synaptics.
"We are working with PayPal, the most famous company in the field of electronic payments, and Synaptics, specializing in biometric identification" - said in Samsung. According to current plans, the service must be available at launch in 50 countries.
Korean watches will also track the location of the owner, offering him the best buys in the surrounding stores. Selecting items in advance on the watch display, it will be possible to quickly pay for long looking in the appropriate store.
Apple "Smart" Watch watches have their own payment instrument, Apple Pay and other identification algorithm owner. Confirm the payment you will need to using the watch associated with the mobile device - the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple Pay payment system is already pre-installed.