Thursday, October 2, 2014

8 popular gadgets, which are ruthlessly killed Apple

Apple periodically releases new versions of all ... but just as quickly and ruthlessly killing products that she, for whatever reason, are no longer needed. Even despite the fact that in the world there are people who loved them. Edition Delfi offered a selection of popular gadgets, from which unfairly refused to Cupertino.
8 популярных гаджетов, которые безжалостно убила Apple

1. iPod Classic

The most high profile victim was the last iPod Classic, the only player of the company, which has been famous "wheel". Killed him at the time of the Apple iPhone 6 - a player with a wheel to buy from the company directly is impossible. But his latest version could boast of having 160 GB of free space (40 thousand. Tracks) - an audiophile's dream. Was.

2. Original Apple Earphones

Original Apple Earphones have become iconic and easily recognizable even by those who are not a fan of Apple. It is because of them it has become fashionable to do headphone wires and white. They were first presented with the first iPod in 2001, and since then has gradually changed and acquire their "revolutionary" improvements like built-in volume control. But in 2012, Apple has completely changed their design, presenting Apple EarPod ...

3. square iPod Nano

The square iPod Nano, introduced in 2010 (sixth generation) was probably one of the coolest pieces ever made by Apple. Perfect square, with a 1.55-inch display, it allows you to wear around her neck, and even on the hand - like clockwork. But then, probably, the company realized that it would do so Watch and is the seventh-generation iPod Nano (2012) once again became rectangular, so as not to interfere with the more expensive products of the future.

4. 30-pin connector

Apple fans did not know how much they really loved the good old 30-pin connector, while in 2012, Apple did not provide connector Lightning. Many had to keep the house several different cables. And not only store - take with you on a trip too. Of course, Lightning is more convenient, but ... the people at Apple, who took the decision to replace sewed on soap ikalos probably very long.

5. 32-gigabyte iPhone

Those who already want to buy the iPhone 6, but still not very grasp the meaning of the shops offer until they realized, but the fact remains - iPhone 6 with 32 gigabytes of memory does not exist. 16, 64 or 128 gigabytes - is, and 32 is no more. Many believed this volume "golden mean" ... and here.

6. iPhone 5

Many Apple fans still can not forgive us "ritual murder" iPhone 5, which the company has made in the time-to-market iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Because the only reason why this successful model was quickly removed from the market (and available at a reduced price, as is usually the case) - the fact that the "new" iPhone 5c was it the same, but in a plastic case. In order not to create unnecessary competition "cheap" iPhone in Cupertino decided to quietly "strangle" iPhone 5. Do not forget, do not forgive!

7. The New iPad (iPad 3)

Another victim of incomprehensible dances with a tambourine became iPad 3 (aka: «The New iPad»), submitted in March 2012 and tucked away from the market in October, when the market appeared iPad 4. Someone had to buy it in the summer of 2012 - that well done, now the owner of a rarity.

8. White MacBook

Even greater rarity is the white MacBook. Once it was the easiest, cheapest and weakest in the line "makbukov" (owners of "elite" white iPhone now have to experience the shock and humiliation), because the intended mainly for schools and universities. The company took it out of production in 2011, but the remains sold out for another year. Many American people "poppies" his acquaintance with the world of Apple technology begins with these machines.