Thursday, October 2, 2014

Parrot introduced the second generation of wireless headphones Zik with touch control

The French company Parrot has announced the second generation of the popular Zik wireless headphones with touch control. The device has become more compact and has retained its original function - touch control.

Zik 2.0 weighs 270 grams, which is 17% (55 g) is smaller than the original. Cup headphones, created in collaboration with the French designer Philippe Starck, acquired a more rounded forum and made of soft-touch leather material. In addition to the original white and black colors, appeared blue, mocha, orange and yellow.
On the left cup has a module NFC and a removable battery, on the right - sensory areas to adjust the playback and sound volume. Switching between tracks is performed with a gentle touch to the headset forward or backward, and to adjust the volume, you need to swipe your finger up or down. Double-tapping resets the incoming call, and long-term retention of the finger on the touch panel to activate voice dialing.
Zik 2.0 equipped with eight microphones directly involved for a new adaptive noise reduction.Special mode Street Mode allows you to control technology, which is very convenient if you want to be aware of what is happening around, while not ceasing to enjoy the music. Special application for iOS and Android includes a variety audiopresety, and you can create your own and share them with friends who also have headphones Zik 2.0.
Is the support of audio technology HD Voice, as well as the presence of many settings that prolong battery life, depending on the situation. When you activate the Flight ("Flight") full battery will last for 18 hours of music, and the noise reduction mode will work. Normal mode gives about six hours with Bluetooth-connected to the sound source.
High quality sound is provided by two 40-mm speakers with neodymium magnets, which cover the frequency range 20 - 22000 Hz. In headphones integrated digital-to-analog converter that supports 192 kHz sampling frequency and 24-bit representation of the data, as well as a 32-bit digital signal processor.
Parrot Zik 2.0 will be available for as low as $ 400 . Buy headphones will be available in November.