Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Apple and IBM presented the first results of cooperation - a suite of applications for iOS MobileFirst

Apple announced the first results of cooperation with the corporation IBM. The company introduced a set of business applications for IBM MobileFirst iOS, allows you to "improve the efficiency of enterprises, improve service quality, to attract new customers and easily transform business and IT infrastructure".

Apple and IBM introduced the first 10 applications from the family of IBM MobileFirst for customers in banking, retail, insurance, financial markets and telecommunications, as well as public authorities and airlines. They are designed to expand the business through the use of iPhone and iPad. The product is a comprehensive platform for mobile applications that support cloud and analytical services IBM.
The list of applications for the airline entered Plan Flight and Passenger +, for companies in financial services - Advise & Grow and Trusted Advice, insurers - application Retention, for public services - Case Advice and Incident Aware, for retailers - Sales Assist and Pick & Pack and for the telecommunications industry players - Expert Tech. All applications related to the business process management, data processing and analytics.
Incident Aware application allows you to use your iPhone as an additional means of information to law enforcement officials. The program provides real-time access to maps and video from the scene, information on the status of victims and crime stories. Another application, Retention, created to help insurance agents. It provides access to the profiles and histories of clients, including analysis and assessment of the risks at the reinsurance retention, intelligent notifications, reminders and recommendations of next steps. Another application is designed for pilots: Plan Flight helps to plan flights and fuel reserves.
"This is a big step for the iPhone and iPad in the enterprise market and we can not wait to see new ways of interacting with mobile devices in this area - said senior vice president of Apple's worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. - The business world is becoming mobile, and Apple and IBM partnership bringing together the best technology with data and analytics, opening up new horizons for business development".
IBM plans to create an iOS many specialized applications, and distribute their own mobile devices Apple.
"Business is constantly in search of new ways of working closely with clients. Use the interactive features of our solutions are fully due to the expansion of network applications and web interactions, as well as by connecting to enterprise data. Reduce costs and time through the use of media for the joint development with support for continuous data delivery" - said at IBM.
The deal between Apple and IBM, announced in June this year, has become quite a big surprise to analysts, as companies operate in different spheres. The first is known around the world as a successful manufacturer of consumer devices, the second successful acts in the corporate sector. Company for mutual benefit decided to use each other's strengths.
Cooperation with one of the major players in the electronics market for corporate clients allow Apple to promote "apple" gadgets in the business environment. Clients IBM, using the iPhone and iPad, will get access to round the clock support AppleCare for Enterprise. This service is also responsible for issues related to applications MobileFirst.