Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Learn more battery usage statistics iPhone and iPad using the widget Battery Graph Widget

Detailed statistics on the use of the battery on the iPhone and iPad have requested for a long time. And it happened: in iOS 8 A separate menu that helps to identify the most demanding applications and temporarily unload them to save battery. New Battery Graph Widget widget allows you to get detailed information on the use of battery iOS 8 Notification Center.

Battery Graph Widget keeps statistics on the spending resources of the battery and displays it in the form of a visual schedule. Data are shown per day, week or month. In addition, the application displays the total time of battery life and charging time of the last. Knowing at what points most used battery charge iPhone and iPad, you can quickly adjust the process: to find out what applications are quickly discharged system, turn off Wi-Fi and GPS, when they are not needed, to reduce the time to turn off the screen when idle.
In the setting of Battery Graph Widget can change the appearance of the graph: select one of six colors, enable or disable gradient, clean horizontal and vertical lines. Universal app and is compatible with devices on iOS 8.
Download Battery Graph Widget can on the iPhone and iPad this link . The app costs $ 1,99.