Thursday, December 11, 2014

Optikos figured out how to turn the iPhone into a night vision device

Optikos company applied for a patent, which describes a device for the iPhone, or rather to its built-in camera. The device allows photo and video in low light conditions and even in total darkness.

From the description it follows that for shooting at night are encouraged to use infrared light.Image, as opposed to how it is done "in expensive military night vision devices for photomultipliers" captures the semiconductor sensor type CMOS. The resulting image is then projected into the camera iPhone.
Although in principle it can be used with smartphones running under Android, the application specified name smartphone Apple. Application was filed in May last year.
The left side of the illustrations for iPhone patent invented device is shown in the right device and smartphone are shown separately.
Developers are confident that the unit has countless uses. In particular, it is possible to navigate in the dark or low light conditions, track rays Microsoft Kinect, look through liquids and other substances that are opaque to visible light, follow the nocturnal animals and more.
Previously, night vision devices for the iPhone were presented by Snooperscope and MSM Labs .