Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tales from the Borderlands came on iOS

The first episode of Tales from the Borderlands called Zero Sum is now available on iOS . In late November, premiered on Windows, PS3/4 and Xbox 360. Total Telltale Games plans to release five episodes.

Tales from the Borderlands - interactive adventure game, so most of the time gamer spends talk, explore the world and watching the cut scenes. But in between all this, it is proposed to war as the huge robot, and for the two main characters.
The plot revolves around Episode One employee of the corporation "Hyperion" Fiona Rees and fraudsters. Rice plans to become the new Handsome Jack and Fiona - crank one big business. Together, they will run away from the bandits Pandora tear heads the local psycho, manage a huge robot, hack computers ... and this is only the beginning of a huge list of adventures.
Had time to assess the Zero Sum journalists were delighted by the new creation Telltale.Based on the first reviews GPA PC version on the aggregator Metacritic was 90/100.Employee GameSpot (9/10) said that Tales from the Borderlands perfectly conveys the atmosphere and aesthetics of Borderlands and the plot and gameplay, and design. Among the advantages observers note exciting action scenes, emphasizing mood soundtrack and opportunities for decision-making and Fiona Rees.
One of its main advantages Tales from the Borderlands - a good story that blends into the world created by Gearbox. According to the journalist from Gamespot, during the game easy to forget that the story was not written by developers of the first three parts, and the other studio (Telltale Games). And that's fine, because he adventure genre means more opportunities for the study of the plot rather than a game in the genre of shooter.

Related to this is perhaps the most noticeable drawback of the game - poor drafting of secondary characters. If Rice and Fiona performed perfectly, each has its own character and history, many of the NPCs found in the narrative can not stand with the main characters is no comparison.
However, the game was interesting, with a complex plot, rich gameplay and insane speed (events follow each other in a matter of seconds). Thus, the company Telltale Games have set themselves very high bar for future episodes. Will she be able to maintain the pace of the first part, time will tell. And yet - "Welcome to Pandora!".