Thursday, December 11, 2014

United Airlines bought for 23,000 flight attendants smartphones iPhone 6 Plus

Major US airline United Airlines has found another use iPhone 6 Plus. The Company disclaims guidelines for flight attendants in paper form, replacing them with smartphones Apple 5.5-inch screen.

iPhone designed to improve the comfort of the passengers on board an aircraft and flight attendants to help comply with safety regulations. The company expects that the technique will help crew members on board the aircraft to access data on passengers.
"Airline of the second quarter of 2015 will provide 23,000 flight attendants smartphones iPhone. After the widespread introduction of the device will be used for most purchases on board passenger information and access to the mail server and the company intranet, as well as basic manuals and training materials ", - told the United Airlines.
"We consider it appropriate to invest in specialists enlisted personnel performing maintenance work on aircraft passengers of our airline - said senior vice president of United Airlines. - IPhone 6 Plus can help improve the quality of care and provide for stewardesses quick and easy access to important information".
In 2011, United Airlines one of the first decided to abandon the flight instructions in paper form and to replace them on your iPad. The pilots will have access to charts, logbooks and other necessary during the flight information on the screen of the tablet. It is possible that the example of United Airlines, which translates the flight attendants on the iPhone, followed by other airlines.