Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apple: 78% users of iPhone and iPad updated to iOS 8

Apple released the latest data on the statistics of the use of different versions of its mobile operating system. Last current version of iOS is now installed on 78% of devices. For two weeks the proportion of the mobile platform has increased by 1%.

"Eight" is set to the end of March almost 80% of production of mobile gadgets Apple. To achieve this indicator platform took about six months. This is more than required iOS 7 last year. Low prevalence iOS 8 was marked earlier bystanders, and later confirmed by Apple. Nevertheless it it is an impressive result when compared with the competitors.
Increase the share of the latest version of iOS contribute to a high level of sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple also recently reduced the amount of free space required to install the update.
Despite the fact that the increase in the share of iOS 8 is not as fast as in the first months after its release, the system is much more successful than Android 5.0. Mobile Platform Google, released in October 2014, is now installed only 3.3% of all devices. The most common version of the "green" robot - old KitKat with a share of 40.9%.