Monday, March 30, 2015

Apple launched Apple Maps Connect service in Italy, Switzerland and Mexico

Service Apple Maps Connect , which allows businesses to create cards with your data and attach them to the card Apple, earned in three new countries. Monday visually place the necessary data on the geographical map can companies from Italy, Switzerland and Mexico. In February, the service expanded geography to Canada, France and Germany, and a month earlier - in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

Apple Maps Connect earned in October 2014 in the United States. The service is intended for private business owners and their representatives. The card company can specify the Internet address of the site organization, links to her group on social networks, opening hours, areas of employment, work phone. IPhone and iPad users see the data in Apple Maps and will be able to find this information via voice assistant Siri.
To register for the Maps Connect need to pass verification, for example, by e-mail, the mail server name that is identical to the name of the website. In addition, all users of the service must have an account Apple ID. Card companies appear on Apple Maps for a week and are available in the web version of the map service, and mobile.
According to the company, Apple Maps Connect makes the card more detailed and easy to use, and allows you to explore the interiors of commercial organizations worldwide. The technology allows owners of restaurants, shops, beauty salons, etc. place images of the interiors of the premises directly on the map.
The program can participate free of charge by the total number of visitors at least 1 million people. Apple has confirmed that it plans to further expand the geography of Maps Connect.