Sunday, March 22, 2015

Banded Classic Case for waterproof watch Apple Watch

Dubbed accessories manufacturer announced the Case for 'smart' watches Apple Watch called Banded Classic. Accessory provides complete water tightness wearable computers Apple.

Apple Watch, protected by standard IPX7, resistant to moisture. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, they can take it into the shower . However, resistance to spray water does not necessarily mean that the device is securely protected against the ingress of moisture.
In turn Dubbed promises to cover Banded Classic «smart» Apple Watch watches can safely take into the pool to go swimming. Accessory fully protects the gadget from moisture. Wrapped in such a case the device can be safely used underwater to a depth of 2 meters.
Release Apple Watch on April 24. Depending on the model, the cost of "smart" watches will be from $ 350 to $ 17,000. Released cover Banded Classic and its price is not yet known.