Friday, March 27, 2015

Designers showed a concept car of the future - electric Apple Car

British designers of Carwow demonstrated the concept car of the future Apple. As conceived by the founders of the project, it will be exclusively electric variants with other types of engines today are not considered.

Apple Car engine was rated at 250 hp (186 kW) and 400 Nm. Without refueling cars can travel up to 500 km, and the battery is fully charged will take only four hours. Proposed three models in different colors.
When it will be possible to drive Apple Car? Designers say that Cupertino will be ready to present such a car in 2020.
The first information about the electric Apple appeared in February 2015. The project, codenamed Titan, provides for the establishment of a minivan with electric propulsion.Project manager was a former Ford engineer Steve Zadeski, who was allowed to hire for the project 1,000 employees. Above the shape of the car will run one of the gurus of industrial design, the creator appearance iPod Marc Newson, who last year produced a concept for Ford. In addition, Apple has hired Johann Yungvirt previously served as head of research at the North American branch of Mercedes-Benz. Also for work on the project Titan Apple lured about 50 employees of Tesla.
According to reports, Apple is now dealing exclusively with the technical details of the project and finding a partner in the automotive industry. The machine can be set up in collaboration with BMW, which is actively developing its line of hybrid and electric vehicles «i».
In most Apple does not comment on the development of electric vehicles, while in March, the company has registered its trademark and logo in classes of different vehicles from boats to aircraft and railway locomotives.