Monday, March 30, 2015

MultiDelete allows you to quickly remove multiple apps on iPhone and iPad [Cydia]

If you like to experiment with games and applications on the iPhone and iPad, at one point you realize that the mobile platform iOS does not support simultaneous removal of several programs. You can fix this by means of an informal tool MultiDelete.

MultiDelete changes the mechanism of removal applications in iOS 8. The user first selects the unnecessary software, and then confirms the removal of a single click.
To select multiple applications, the icons should be placed in a mode of movement - by prolonged retention of any of them. Next you need to select icons on the home screen, their MultiDelete marked with a cross. When you're done with the release, will push the gray cross and confirm the deletion of applications.
Here's a simple way to quickly free up space on the iPhone and iPad.
Using MultiDelete provides full access to the operating system, in other words the procedure of jailbreaking. But the tweaks you can use for free. Supports all devices running on iOS 8.