Friday, March 27, 2015

Pebble Time collected on Kickstarter record $ 20.2 million

"Smart Watches" Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel collected for the month to a record money on website Kickstarter - $ 20,2 million. The unit took only 49 minutes to reach the sum of $ 1 million.
Часы Pebble Time собрали на Kickstarter рекордные $20,2 млн

The project of "smart watches" Pebble Time was the most successful in the history of Kickstarter. Watch, the company announced in late February Pebble, collected the first $ 1 million in less than 50 minutes. A month later, the developers of portable devices raised $ 20.2 million, which is 40 times more than the amount for which the organizers hoped. In general, the gadget is supported by almost 80 000 people.
Stacked Pebble Time sum record among other projects of all time kraudfandingovogo site Kickstarter. Earlier, the first line of the volume of collected funds held portable refrigerator Coolest Cooler ($ 13,3 m). It is noteworthy that followed immediately after the very first model of "smart" watches Pebble, raking in $ 10.3 million.
Pebble Time equipped with a color screen, made by technology e-ink, the new graphical user interface in the form of "Chronicles" and shows the most important events of today, synchronizing with the iPhone and Android-smartphone. The devices are available in three colors - black, white and gray - and their body mostly made of plastic, and the strap - silicone.
A week after the announcement of a plastic version of Pebble introduced another line - Pebble Time Steel . The main difference from Pebble Time - is stainless steel case and leather strap. Due to the use of metal "watch" massive. Battery life is increased to 10 days. In fairness it should be noted that when creating a new watch designers drew inspiration from Apple Watch. The devices were very similar.
The company introduced a new line of Pebble in the current campaign on the website Kickstarter. That this was the achievement of a record fundraising. Those who have already paid the Pebble Time, can add money and change order for Pebble Time Steel.
Apple Watch (left) and Pebble Time Steel (right)

Cost Pebble Time is $ 179 when ordering through Kickstarter, and Pebble Time Steel - $ 250. Pebble Time to deliver the company promises in May, and Pebble Time Steel - in June.In the retail manufacturer plans to sell the device for $ 199 and $ 299 respectively.