Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple: many models Apple Watch will be in short supply at first

On Friday, April 10, in nine countries around the world will start accepting pre-orders for "smart" watch Apple Watch. Due to the expected high demand orders will be accepted only through the Internet in the online store Apple Online Store. In a letter to employees said the head of the department of retail and online sales of Apple Angela Ahrendts. Previously it was assumed that the novelty will be to order and in retail stores Apple Store.

Apple issued a press release in which it recalled that pre-orders will start on April 10. In addition, starting tomorrow everyone will be able to try on a smart watch in Apple Store, but place your order there will not be the first time. Commenting on this decision, the head of Apple's retail business Angela Ahrendts said the company expects to start selling the demand for Apple Watch exceed reserves.
The fact that the first time there will be a shortage of Apple Watch, confirmed by independent sources. According to some reports, place an order for Apple Watch Sport this week, buyers can get Apple Watch Sport from April 24 to May 8, while the model with leather bracelet with modern buckle, leather strap, and bracelet will deliver block only 4-6 weeks after registration of pre-order. Apple Watch with a classic leather strap, the Milanese mesh bracelet and strap sports will be issued from April 24 to May 8, and the most expensive modification Apple Watch Edition will be available in May 2015.
Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook went to Paris to attend the launch of sales worn on the wrist of the product. His presence makes sense, given that the capital of France is considered the leading center of fashion and design and in the local flagship department store Galeries Lafayette will open a special boutique selling Apple Watch.