Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple secretly bought Developer Android-keyboard Dryft

Apple last year acquired the startup developed a popular keyboard for Android-devices Dryft, transmits TechCrunch. According to the newspaper, the ex-CEO Andy Marsden currently holds the position of iOS Keyboard Manager at Apple.

Marsden has created the world's first "touch" keyboard that adapts to the style of printing rights. With Dryft handle is very simple: first you need both hands to touch the screen, and then the button "float" right under your fingers and at the right distance. Key position Dryft changes automatically, depending on the last point where the touch was made.
Among other features Dryft - Full customization: for example, you can adjust the transparency and size of the buttons to see the content below it. Furthermore, the keyboard is able to determine when a person is typing, and when his hands simply lie on the screen.Marsden said that it allows you to type at a speed of 80 words per minute.
It is unclear whether Apple is planning to apply Dryft developments in the iPhone and iPad.Perhaps a new implementation of the keyboard will appear in the upcoming iOS platform 9, which is expected to announce at WWDC in June 2015.
Details of the transaction, as well as the official confirmation of the purchase of the Apple developer Dryft, up to this point have been reported.