Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple sold about one million per day Apple Watch

Although it will still be a long time before the company will "smart" watches, analysts argue that the chronometer Apple has been very popular in the first days after the release.

Many devotees Apple customers prefer to buy new products of the company in the early days of availability. Of course, that on April 24, leaving Apple Watch will be no exception, and it is expected that around retail stores gather queue of those wishing to get smart watch, as soon as it becomes available for purchase. Slice Intelligence analysts believe that only for the first day the number of pre-orders for Apple Watch reached one million. The most popular model, according to the company, is Apple Watch Sport with the housing 42 mm - it accounts for about two-thirds of sales.
"957,000 Apple Watch, sold only for the first day, would mean that about 1% of iPhone owners decided to purchase new items" - the report says the company.
Although a million - not very much on the scale of the American manufacturer, you should understand that Apple Watch are sold exclusively in retail and online stores. Last restrict sales to end users chronometers.
"An important difference between Apple Watch the iPhone is the fact that not only sold the last of the Apple, but and its partners in the sales channels, - noted in the company. - The watch is not received such benefits as a result of limited distribution at the beginning of sales".
Estimated Slice Intelligence, 40% of sales of "smart" watches Apple accounted for modification Apple Watch Sport black coloring, the second place goes Apple Watch stainless steel with a share of 34%, then the model Apple Watch Sport in silver casing with 23%. On Black Apple Watch had 3% of total sales. Sales straps far ahead black sports car (28%) and the Milanese mesh bracelet (25%). Closes the top three block bracelet with 14% of sales.
Apple often uses sales data for the first weekend for promotional purposes, to show how successfully passed the new product launch. Unfortunately, it is not known whether the company will reveal the number of units sold in the first three days of sales of watches. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company will not report the number of units shipped Apple Watch the first time sales of competitive considerations. In the financial statements will be featured Apple Watch is not a separate column (as in the case of the iPad, iPhone or Mac), and in the category of "other products" in the same list with headphones Beats Electronics and your iPod.