Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple started shipping Apple Watch to first buyers

Apple sends notifications to customers first Apple Watch. In the e-mails are listed trekking number of items on which you can track the delivery status of the long-awaited device.

Within a few minutes after you start taking pre-orders for Apple Watch dispatch date for many models in the online Apple store moved from the end of April - early May to June. Who orders for all models of watches are planned for the next six to eight weeks. However, on the eve of the company's representatives have assured that the time indicated on the checks with the stock and devices will deliver early.
When making a pre-order on Apple Watch online stores of the "first wave" of the estimated date of delivery of a number of models of "smart" watches have already moved in June, July or even August 2015. In retail, they have not yet sold. As stated in the press service of Apple, demand is expected to watch high and supplies are limited, so long as the sale is carried out only through the website. In this case, sending unit buyers will start earlier than originally anticipated. However, no specific dates in Apple did not call.
"We are glad to inform our customers that their Apple Watch will be delivered earlier than expected, - said the representative of Apple. - Our team is working to accelerate the organization of supplies in the order in which customers leave the application to the device. We know that many have seen for a long delivery time, we appreciate your patience".
Initially it was expected that the sale of Apple Watch in stores Apple Store branded network will begin on April 24, but later the company has revised these terms. Anyone will be able to purchase smart watches online only, with the novelty will have to wait at least until June. On Friday, April 24, sales will begin just a few stores .