Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apple Watch can download data from the Internet even without connecting to the iPhone

Apple Watch the first generation , working in tandem with the iPhone 5 and newer models can perform some basic tasks without interfacing with a mobile device. This was told David Pogue from Yahoo Tech, test the device for a week. He found that "smart" watch Apple are able to independently connect to known Wi-Fi networks, and download data from the Internet.

"Apple Watch connect to the iPhone and via Bluetooth, and via Wi-Fi, as the watches on the Android Wear can only dream of. Thus, if a user gadget has gone beyond the range of the Bluetooth-connection iPhone, the device switches to a wireless network Wi-Fi, to stay in touch with your device.
And here is an interesting feature, which has not been reported before, when the watch is within range of a wireless network known Wi-Fi, they can perform a number of actions - even if the iPhone is completely discharged, off, or away from you. Apple Watch can handle voice calls Siri, send and receive messages, send pictures, palpitations or touch other owners of watches. That's impressive".
Apple opened the possibility of pre-order Apple Watch Friday. The first customers will receive only 24 hours of April some have to wait more than one month: users report about the expected delivery Apple Watch until August. Despite the skepticism of observers and criticism from experts, the famous Apple magic worked this time. His role is also played a large-scale advertising campaign of "smart" watches.
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