Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apple within 24 hours will increase the prices of application in the Japanese App Store

Apple will change the prices in the online store App Store, indicates distribution company for developers. In Cupertino are going to change the price tags on games and applications for Japanese users of iOS-devices. In this case, states that prices will change in the direction of increasing.

"Within 24 hours, the prices in the Japanese App Store branch will grow in line with changes in the exchange rate. The subscription will not be interrupted. We sent you this message to inform current subscribers that in the next billing period prices increase.
Price adjustment in the App Store - a necessary procedure and is mandatory in the case of an increase or decrease in the exchange rate. You will see a new matrix of prices in the Pricing tab on the My Apps in the near future" - said in a statement Apple.
Change in prices in the App Store due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rates and based on local tax rates. In recent years, Apple changed twice prices in Russia app store.New prices the company has established in catalog App Store in late December. Bottom bracket for applications in the Russian department began to make not 33, but 62 rubles - an increase of almost 100%. Second from the bottom standard price increased from 66 to 124 rubles, the third - from 99 to 185.99 rubles.
In January, Apple has revised the cost of mobile applications and in other countries. For example, in several European countries, as well as Canada and Norway, prices rose, and in Iceland, on the contrary, decreased.