Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chapter Apple Store Angela Ahrendts sold Apple stock for $ 6 million

Angela Ahrendts, head of retail and online sales of Apple, the company sold shares worth nearly $ 6 million. According to the documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission., Top manager convertible into cash about 50,000 of its shares as a result of six held this week deals.

Angela Ahrendts sold shares after received permission to do so. Last year, the company paid the former head of Burberry $ 73,4 million, while CEO Tim Cook earned "only" $ 9.22 million. In the comments publication Re / code Apple representatives told what is connected with the difference in the payment of fuel managers.
"Compensation package for Angela Ahrendts in 2014 made with the expectation of compensation for financial losses top manager in the transition to Apple. Under her leadership, Burberry managed to achieve more than two-fold increase in sales, which reached $ 3 billion. The capitalization increased by 300%"- said in a statement Apple. As experts say, this reflects the importance of building a branded retail network for the company.
Ahrendts started to work at Apple in the spring of 2014. According to the statements transmitted by Apple's Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission, it has become the highest-paid top-manager of the corporation in 2014. Her total compensation exceeded the amounts received by the other leaders, breaking the previous record set by the vice president of software Eddy Cue, at $ 48.9 million.
According to Apple, Ahrendts are among the most highly paid top managers of the UK, where she worked in Burberry - she received more than $ 5 million every year and held the shares at $ 37 million.