Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CSources2: a new tweak to backup and restore Cydia repositories

The main drawback of tweaks and apps from Cydia is that when you upgrade your mobile device or buying a new model, the process of installing and configuring jailbreak programs have to be repeated again. There are solutions like PKGBackup and OpenBackup , which allow you to save backups of tweaks, but their use can lead to errors, particularly in the reduction of addons that have not received the update for the current firmware compatibility.

CSources2 - a new solution for rapid recovery of repositories on the iPhone and iPad. This design enables one-button backup and restore added to Cydia third-party content sources.At any time, after installing the new firmware, the user can take advantage of this application, eliminating the need to manually add addresses.
Advanced users know that the list of repositories in Cydia is on a mobile device in a file/etc/apt/sources.list.d. When using CSources2 the conservation and restoration of third-party resources online store is made without any extra clicks. Just install the application and then click Backup. When you back up your iPhone or iPad, the next time you save to a computer or in iCloud entire list of your repositories.
To restore power in Cydia, just run CSources2, select the desired source and click Restore.In addition, tweak allows you to disable unnecessary repository without removing it from Cydia.
CSources2 can find the standard repositories Cydia, the cost of utilities compatible with iOS 6-8 is $ 1.99.