Sunday, April 12, 2015

Does it make sense to buy Apple Watch the first generation?

On Friday, Apple opened the possibility of registration of pre-orders for Apple Watch . Although they will go on sale until April 24, and only nine countries (but there for the most impatient they disperse around the world), the price of the "second screen for iPhone" easily bypass the same iPhone. To explain to the public the need to buy a new gadget in Cupertino have presented several samples of different editions, which, however, is ambiguous appreciated novelty from Apple. Resource Meduza offers speculate on having to buy Apple Watch.

Why is everyone talking about Apple Watch?

Well, firstly, this watch from Apple. You can have different attitudes to the company, but each of its product becomes a big event in the IT-world. Secondly, the majority of "smart" watches on the market work with smartphones on Android. Apple now restore the position holders iOS.

And they know how Apple Watch?

Much. Watches are able to receive calls - a device built-in microphone and speaker. Posts are also welcome: you can not only read the text, but also dictate voice response - in watch built Siri. And you can choose the one answer that will offer Apple Watch - device that will analyze the text of the message. Here is an example of a conditional - you ask, you'll be fish or meat? The product prompts you to choose an answer: the fish; meat; i do not know.
The watch can display the notifications and other applications with iPhone: Message on a new message or comments on the social network.
Another important part of Apple Watch - a set of fitness functions. Watches not only measure the activity of the carrier (you can, for example, look at the beautiful graphics, as you went through miles and burned calories, which you had a pulse), but also push to move more, offering different goals.
With Apple Watch can listen to music through headphones c Bluetooth, control the camera smartphone, keep track of your route on a small map, talk to the assistant Siri. In addition, there are applications, issued specifically for hours - for example, a mini-version of Instagram. With using watches you can pay in restaurants and shops, where accept contactless payments - the device supports Apple Pay.

And time is something they show?

Yes of course. Moreover, the user is given the opportunity to choose the dial. On watch screen can display more information - for example, the weather, the meeting, sunrises, sunsets and more. Stopwatch and alarm clock, of course, in Apple Watch also built.

I heard just enough batteries for 3 hours. Is this true?

Yes and no. If you three hours to talk through Apple Watch, battery really sit down. Still, there are calls for the iPhone, and clock needed for the other. The device will last up to 18 hours in the "normal" mode of use. Under normal mode assumes the following: checking the time on five times an hour, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of application and a half-hour workout while listening to music on Bluetooth-headset. If you just check the time (five times per hour, again), work hours can stretch for two days. On continuous music playback or workout Apple Watch stands less than seven hours.

How much are the Apple Watch?

There are three versions of the watches, and each - two sizes (38 × 33 and 42 × 36 mm). The cheapest, Apple Watch Sport, made of aluminum and are 349 and $ 399 for a small and a large version, respectively. When buying, you can choose the color of the body (silver or dark gray) and the color of the strap (one of five; material - only Teflon). Following the price - Apple Watch with steel casing. Their price starts from US $ 549/599 and goes up to 1049/1099 dollars - it all depends on the material from which made the strap. Finally, the most expensive - Apple Watch Edition with the body of 18-carat yellow or pink gold. Their price also depends on the strap and varies from 10 to 17 thousand dollars.

What is the difference between the hours for $ 350 and $ 17 000?

Functional - nothing. Gold watches work just as well as aluminum.

Apple Watch Edition, probably the most expensive "smart" watch?

No, there are also more expensive. London producer Hoptroff presented clever mechanical watches, with case of gold for 21,000 dollars. If this is not enough, you can take platinum over 53 000. Watches of Hoptroff know how much less than Apple Watch, but still something can. The device connects to the iPhone owner and synchronized with its calendar. On one of the mini-dials arrow points to the next meeting, and the other - the first letter of the name of the event or the name of the person you want to see.

So it is worth buying Apple Watch?

It all depends on whether there is a pocket of iPhone (without undertaking useless) and the extra money. If there is a need for closer communication with the digital world, then - of course. Experts tested the Apple Watch, the list of positive qualities devices make beautiful appearance, versatility, comfortable fitness opportunities, hundreds of available applications, the ability to send messages to and receive calls in a pair with the iPhone. «Apple Watch - is the most ambitious and well-made" smart "watch from those he had ever seen. However, the shortcomings of the first generation are forced to perceive them as more fashionable toy, rather than as a necessary gadget "- said the expert CNet. Among the disadvantages of Apple Watch - a modest battery life, not at all intuitive interface and slow performance of some applications.
"If you are satisfied with the battery that runs for one day, and the inevitable obsolescence, you can buy a watch Apple, - says The Wall Street Journal. For many journalists was an important factor that can start testing the Apple Watch, they began to spend much less time in "communion" with their smartphone and began to pay more attention to other people.
"Once I learned the basics of working with the watch, I discovered an amazing amount of things that I could do faster or better with them than using the iPhone. For example, a text message dictation, buying a double click, check the news a simple gesture, control music and video on your phone, photography - for Apple Watch displays an image from the camera iPhone, so the user can set up the phone for a better self "- said the columnist Bloomberg.
"The watches does not change his life, but Apple will sell millions of these devices, and many people will love and hung up on them. This is a wonderful product of a complex ecosystem, carefully constructed company for many years. This is, without a doubt, the best smart watch in the world "- concludes Engadget.

What can I say, if you want to prove to others that do not need Apple Watch?

If you really want to get involved in these (usually meaningless) debate, here are a few ideas.
Apple boasts that the user can draw Apple Watch finger picture and send it to a friend - the creators say it is a new kind of communication. Apple Watch the presenter colleague sends drawing of a fish, inviting to eat sushi. In the same category include the ability to "share Pulse" - watch your friend will vibrate at the same frequency as your pulse. Romantic Getaway "Listen, my heart beating" no longer requires the extra touches. It's all nice and pretty, but hardly very much in demand. It is unclear why these features are needed in everyday life.
You can mention the classic advantages of Android as a platform iOS: diversity. In fact, Apple Watch - is the same watch in the buildings of different materials and with different straps. You can not select any form of device or its thickness, while every other Android-smartphone manufacturer has released its own smart watch. One square, the other round.Some cheaper, prettier or other functional. Moreover, there are rumors that Google plans to teach the clock on its platform to work with the iPhone - which means that Apple smartphone users will have a choice.
Finally, if you use the clwatch is not only the time, they would have to charge every day. Owners will be connected to a power outlet Apple Watch bedtime, losing so "silent alarm" - function, waking silent vibrations on the wrist.