Sunday, April 12, 2015

DuckTales: Remastered - leave ducks in peace

Arrogant, but very effective and efficient trick - take advantage of our undying love for nostalgia. We all have this nagging little elegiac feeling when we are in any way touch the object resembling our childhood. 

Accidentally seen on YouTube excerpt from the TV series "Friends"; caught the eye of muck Zukko in the village shop; updated "DuckTales" in the App Store. Stop! How - the ones that were on the "Dandy"? With Scrooge, zigzags and that this melody here ?!
Those same, yes. And it is - very bad.
Originally DuckTales: Remastered came more than a year ago on the PC and consoles - and, shall we say, not shot to fame. Even on the contrary - the game for some reason all cursed, and indulge in a painful sense of nostalgia nobody wanted. Hardened people? Not at all - just eat things that are better left alone.
"DuckTales" appeared on an exclusive set-top box with an elephant quarter of a century ago.Since then, the game industry has changed somewhat. Changed ourselves. A game - almost there.
Scrooge still cheerfully jumps on his cane, collect diamonds, cakes, coins, hanging blows brothers Gavs and approximate parties, but - but! - It is impossible to play. On Normal difficulty manages to hold about forty seconds - and then sent to the top level. Sometimes infernally difficult - there are moments where you can not just not to lose health - the very hearts. And if they last? Again, again?
The game is very quickly bored - when DuckTales came out, the idea of ​​an open level seemed cool and fresh - now just annoying: it is necessary to scour the entire location in search of another stupid details. Without it, they will not let on. And if they start up, there is a battle with the boss - separate local hell that seems to have become even hotter than in the 90th.
You can, by the way, put on Easy. But then it becomes a little too obvious - and DuckTales primitive. You'll just run through the levels, collect all the small stuff, constantly reborn again and run. Interest in this and if there is, strictly archaeological.
Moreover, the authors have added some reason gag: screwed, for example, plot, sloppy binding between these legendary five levels. No script, but sometimes there is a sense of humor - in impervious dialogues characters sometimes successfully joking, but not so often that was an honest reason to deprive the user buttons skip.
However, there is an interesting innovation - now the money earned during the game, you can spend for the sake of fan-service: buy portraits of characters, or open a melody; nice thing, though, and senseless.
As a result, it remains the most - nostalgia. Yes, DuckTales: Remastered is a strange feeling, but rather on the stage of the overall visual range: it is nice to look (graphics redrawn - became hoo!), Listen to sound and run for ten minutes; can look over his shoulder. Play, really play - no.