Friday, April 3, 2015

"Fast and the Furious: Legacy": with a squeal of brakes

At the very wide screens with a squeal of brakes and the smell of burnt tires is the premiere of the seventh "Fast and the Furious" and on our screens with your mobile - its online incarnation.
Initially, the mobile "Fast and Furious" is difficult to distinguish from, say, the latest version of Asphalt - the same substitution of concepts: runner instead of the race. 
 Fast & Furious: Legacy

Your car drives itself, and all you have to do: just slide between the rows so the time to start. If drag racing - then shift gears. If the drift - then make sure that is not off the road. Oh, and even nitro - for tricks supplement bottle of flammable material. Is simple enough, and certainly not dusty - you might think.
And here and there! Okay, "Fast and Furious" in terms of gameplay really is not enough stars in the sky - there is not enough of a runner none at all in the world. However, with minimal directly on the (road) fight, you are required to complete and thoughtful leadership in the garage - and that is where the future is forged victory.
Simply put - if such a limited management remains little leverage it on the road. Accordingly, it is not the one who will all tears from the start (this is what is simple enough), and those who pre-dug well in the settings. There are many types of tuning: You can improve the wheels, engine, suspension. Aesthetes will not remain in the loser - in the "Fast and the Furious" many beautiful colors, and the ability to attach spoiler and pasted expensive car stickers. Speaking of cars. All in the game 50 cars, including those that were kinofranshize - movie fans rejoice. There are even Lykan Hypersort.
Cost, however, enjoy a lot of money - and, in the real. Making money in the "Fast and the Furious", you can either pass the story (sequence of races, vaguely reminiscent of what is happening in the film), or fight in races - both single-coil, and online. All this, however, is nonsense: to buy a sports car, then it is necessary either, naturally, days chasing opponents, either, after all, pay. The choice is yours - just remember that "Fast and Furious" is free, so that any rights to monetize he is still there.
Plenty of assaults on US highways (and admired heroes of the film), it's time to look into the multiplayer - there game live their separate lives. Some gangs, community groups. Someone is always communicate with each other, competing and trying to outdo. The idea of ​​social racing about as old as the idea of ​​racing than usual, but for some reason the "Fast and Furious" came to mind the average Russian amateur cars: the game has a huge fan base in Russia. This can be explained by anything yet.
Unless graphics - the game looks great. Parrot-style of teenagers in the spirit of "chicks, cars, money," which has always oozed from the movie, here looks surprisingly organically - funny car spoiler molded even aesthetically subtle nature. In general, the "Fast and Furious" in terms of the image can only be proud of: a clear detail, beautiful special effects, smoke from under the wheels again.
Of course, games like "Fast and Furious" annoying. Its primitive surface and the pressure on the lower instincts. But if they give in - even just once - and off snob, it opens an exciting racing world, where the ability to properly configure the car is valued no less than the skill to quickly change gears.