Thursday, April 9, 2015

For dial Apple Watch made 24,000 photos of flower

Apple Watch - is the first accurate watch. They know how all that should be able to wrist chronometer. The watch dial is presented in a rich assortment, and each of them deeply and thoroughly customized to fit all tastes and preferences. You can display the alarm clock, weather, time of sunrise and sunset, change colors, detail minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

One of the features of the dial is a wearable computer technology Apple Motion. With this feature, the user can check the time displayed on the background of fluttering butterflies, floating jellyfish and the flowers open.
As found Wired columnist David Pearce, to create a function Motion in Cupertino have spent a lot of effort. So, one of the flowers for the dial was photographed more than 24 000 times for 285 hours (11.8 days). Thus, Apple has a drop-down animation bud. To remove the movement of jellyfish in the studio Apple was established aquarium, where it was shot on camera Phantom at 300 frames per second.
"Smart" watch from Apple will go on sale on April 24th. From April 10, the device will be available for pre-order in 9 countries. The novelty is presented in two versions, with a screen size of 38 and 42 mm. The price of the clocks of different models range from $ 350 to $ 17,000.