Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Steam registered more than 4 million Mac users

By Valve, the developer of gaming platform Steam, issued a press release containing useful and important information about digital distribution service. Steam at the moment has more than 125 million active users, of which 4.3 million are the owners of the Mac.

Most gamers were the owners of "professional" line of laptops MacBook Pro. They account for 52% of accounts on Steam. In the second place in popularity among gamers - iMac (23,44%).
The most commonly used operating system in "makovodov" is the OS X Yosemite 10.10.2.According to the statistics service, each second user Mac (50,87%) went on this platform.Following is an OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 with the result of 18.41%. The most popular graphics card on the Mac - Intel HD Graphics 4000.
In Valve noted that the psychological threshold of 100 million users of the service have overcome in September last year. That is, at the moment the audience Steam on average grows to 5 million accounts per month.
Valve also boasted another, far more important statistic: the date of publication of the press release on the "shelves" Steam represented 4,500 different games. Not left unattended and "Workshop Steam". All with the appearance of this feature, users have created more than 400 million units of various content: from caps to full game cards.
In February, the Steam was a record attendance - more than 8.9 million people at a time.The greatest contribution to the achievement of this result has made Dota 2, the number of concurrent users that this month has exceeded 1 million people.