Saturday, April 4, 2015

Microsoft can open Windows source code

In Microsoft does not preclude the development of events in which the Windows source code is open. This was stated clerk and one of the leading engineers of the company, Mark Russinovich. "It's certainly possible. This is a new Microsoft" - transmits his words edition Knews.

The fact that the disclosure of Windows code may Russinovich said at the conference ChefCon in San Francisco. Addressing the participants of the event, he devoted much time to open source software, to name a few products, source code, which the corporation has recently opened. For example, the server components .Net framework in November 2014 issue of opening the Windows code and answer Russinovich caused a storm of applause in the hall.
"Two years ago, things would be different" - admitted engineer Facebook Phil Dibovits, when asked about his impressions of performances Rusinovich. Dibovits shared that Microsoft has recently changed dramatically and now loyal to many things that had not suffered - including open source software. In 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Linux compared with cancer, which "eats everything it touches, in terms of intellectual property".
Opening the Windows code would expand the scope of this operating system. Open source code is easier to test, it is easier to put in order, it is easier to turn into a new product. And if Windows will have a wide range of applications, there will be more people using the application Microsoft, created for Windows.
In addition, if Microsoft decides to transfer Windows format Open Source, the operating system will continue to bring the company's profits, because a lot of companies around the world will continue to need the distribution, implementation and support of Windows.
Once in February 2014 stood at the helm of Satya Nadella, replacing Ballmer, the company has become a loyal attitude to competing platforms. For example, Microsoft released the first version of Office sensor for Android tablets and iPad, and only then, after a long time, for their own platform Windows.