Sunday, April 19, 2015

Porsche announced support of Apple CarPlay in their cars

Apple has updated the list of automakers that intend to equip their machines support automotive functions CarPlay. This technology allows iPhone owners to use smartphones in conjunction with the onboard infotainment system cars.

List automakers partner joins Apple premium brand Porsche. In the near future, fans of the brand will be able to choose the model with the standard entertainment system, integrated with the iPhone.
The main task of CarPlay - simplify the use of the iPhone and iPad in the car. Make calls, use the maps with navigation, switch songs and work with messages in the smartphone can be using the touch screen on the dashboard. As the main mode of interaction are assumed to voice commands, which handles assistant Siri, the built-in operating system iOS.
"CarPlay provides iPhone users the ability to intuitively make calls, use the cards, listen to music and communicate directly through the built-in car while staying focused on the road. CarPlay compatible with some third-party applications such as Spotify and iHeartRadio, allowing you to listen to your favorite radio station or sporting events while you are behind the wheel" - said at Apple.
CarPlay previously demonstrated in their cars Ferrari , Volvo and Mercedes . Thanks CarPlay touch screen in the center console of the car becomes the second screen of the smartphone that is fully integrated with the system. At the moment, the total number of automakers, confirmed his intention to introduce CarPlay in their models is 34.
CarPlay function is available in the operating system is not lower than iOS 7 and works on iPhone models with connector Lightning.