Monday, April 13, 2015

Samsung about Apple Watch: glad that Apple released after us "smart" watches

Samsung continues to closely monitor the activities of Apple. And, of course, the South Korean manufacturer could not ignore the launch of "smart" watches Apple Watch, receiving pre-orders which began April 10.

Press secretary Samsung Mobile Europe Rory O'Neill shared in an interview with CNBC his impression from the start of pre-orders for the first wearable computer Apple.
"In the industry of many well-known brands. This is Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many others. What is happening now, creates a huge competition in the market. This means that brands such as ours, are investing about $ 14 million a day to develop new products and services that delight our consumers"- said Rory O'Neill.
When asked about how important the launch of Apple Watch the consumer market, O'Neill said: "We are very pleased that Apple after us came into this market". In other words, in Seoul have made it clear that they consider themselves a pioneer in the market of smart watches, so users Apple Watch should be largely grateful to the South Korean manufacturer.
Apple Watch favor competitor models Samsung Gear S , presented last summer. Korean watches have curved Super AMOLED display diagonal of 2 inches and a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels. Dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.0 GHz is adjacent to the 512 MB of RAM and a 4GB solid state.
Unlike Apple Watch smart watches Gear S allow you to make voice calls without using a smartphone. In the Samsung watches built not only 3G-modem, but also wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.1, as well as the receiver A-GPS / GLONASS.