Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge more expensive to produce than the iPhone 6 Plus

Analytical agency IHS estimated the cost of completing the new flagship smartphone with curved display Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. 

Analysts have estimated that the total cost of completing Galaxy S6 edge with 64 GB of memory for data storage is $ 290. This is almost 10% more expensive than the iPhone 6 Plus. If we believe the data presented by iSuppli, the cost of all components similar in terms of top-end model memory device Apple is $ 263.
Dismantling Galaxy S6 edge showed that a large proportion of components produced Samsung yourself. This year, the South Korean manufacturer was entirely on their own Exynos processor 7, which costs $ 29.5. The most expensive component of the smartphone - Display Module. Due to the fact that it has a curved form it costs $ 85. For comparison, the display panel to release Galaxy S5 is worth $ 63.
Production of flash memory Galaxy S6 edge costs $ 27, RAM DDR4 - $ 25. One of the key components of the "Korean", which is not the manufacturer Samsung, - 15-dollar cellular modem in the version of the device for the operator Verizon.
Recent years, the cost of smartphones is growing, says IHS. Producers behind Apple is actively used all-metal housing and other premium materials.
"Samsung, obviously studied the experience of Apple, has become to use things such as metal housing and other design decisions, similar to the decisions of American rival - the analyst noted. - Ultimately, the Korean company phone sold cheaper than the iPhone, but the production costs more expensive".