Friday, April 3, 2015

Samsung has cut 15% of staff after the failure of Galaxy S5

Falling volumes of smartphone sales immediately affected the incomes chapter Samsung's mobile division . But wage cuts - is not the only way to reduce the costs of the manufacturer. According to the Korean newspaper Yonhap News, Samsung held optimization, which resulted in the state managers reduced by 15%. Work lost 177 employees.

Pressure from Chinese vendors such as, Xiaomi, as well as Apple, has led to a rapid reduction in the proportion Samsung in the global smartphone market. This was one of the reasons for dismissal of employees in the mobile division of Samsung.
In November, the press leaked information that Samsung had planned to cut up to 20% of its employees in leadership positions in all areas, including about 30% of the mobile unit.
Personnel rotation led many leaders Samsung nervous more than usual, because the company has not the easiest times. The acting head of state of health is not involved in the management of the corporation since May last year, and with the motivation and intent of his 46-year-old son, "court" director have not met yet. Samsung's decision last year to sell its chemical and defense assets other Korean agglomerate confidence in the future management of the company is not added.
In December it was announced that a fair dissatisfied falling profits manual Samsung fired three top managers: the head of Strategic Marketing Lee Don-Joo, head of trading Kim Jae-Kwon and Director of R & D Lee Chul-Hwan. Their duties began to perform Hong Won-Pyo, previously headed the development of multimedia solutions.
Samsung also plans to hold a share buyback of about $ 2 billion to stabilize the financial position of the organization and increase the income of their investors. The company hopes that with this step will be able to change the situation on the stock market and the value of the shares will start to grow again. Samsung launched a similar ransom for the first time in seven years, and only the second time in its history.