Thursday, April 23, 2015

Samsung has offered "painless" transition from iPhone to Galaxy S6

Samsung has made an attempt to bring to the attention of the smartphone Galaxy S6 owners of iPhone. The company's website published a detailed guide, which deals with how to transfer data from the iPhone and iPad at its new flagship, including photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages and other information.

Owners of Apple's smartphone ripe for the transition to a new mobile platform, according to Samsung. It is noted that the application Smart Switch Mobile enables you to easily synchronize the Galaxy S6 with iCloud and iTunes, because the owners of the iPhone does not have to get used to analogs of service and client software.
"We know that iPhone users are reluctant to move to Android-powered devices because of difficulties with data transfer" - to recognize the representatives of the Korean company.However, according to him, is now "an opportunity to gain access to content on the iOS-devices using the phone Galaxy S6".
Next, a list of actions to be taken by iPhone owners for a "smooth transition" for the Korean gadget. To begin with it is recommended to set up Android-smartphone, download all the necessary applications and update the software if necessary. After that you should update the software on the iPhone, to backup and synchronize all data, including music stored on the iPhone, with the second phone. After that, the user can safely swap a SIM card from your old iPhone to Galaxy S6.
Smart Switch Mobile application is distributed through Google Play, a client for PC and Mac can be downloaded from the site Samsung.