Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Smart" mug Vessyl, able to determine the composition of any drink, will be on sale at the end of the year

Start of deliveries of "smart" cups Vessyl, capable of determining the contents poured into her drink, is delayed until the end of the year. This is related by the drafters of the company Mark One Lifestyle.

Creator Vessyl Justin Lee a few years ago, being a graduate of the Faculty of Biomedical Technology University, Queens planned to develop your own gadget with the "Internet of Things". Turning over in his mind things and devices that would cost to make intelligent, so to speak, the author decided to choose an unexpected option - cup.
Vessyl a 400 ml cup with a built-in sensor, accurately determines the type of drink poured into it, and the composition and content of various components: caffeine, carbohydrates, and even alcohol. In the database several thousand devices incorporated beverages, including alcoholic. Mug syncs with the iPhone via Bluetooth, passing the data on your smartphone, and that, in turn, using a special application evaluates the level of fluid intake during the day and gives tips for a more rational consumption of certain beverages.
The authors did not disclose what technology is used to accurately determine the type and composition of the drink. Inside the circle looks like a hollow vessel without any unusual items. Furthermore, in no holes through which liquid can penetrate into the analyzer, which suggests the idea of ​​the contactless sensor. George Lee argues that the sensor is absolutely reliable, and quality of recognition of the fluid does not degrade over time.
IPhone app stores the drinks consumed during the day, building a graph showing fluid intake and recommendations for a healthy diet. In addition, the program can alert the owner circles about the possible consequences of use of certain drinks that in the future can keep some people from consuming excessive amounts of sugary drinks, coffee or alcohol.
Vessyl has its own battery that provides autonomous operation for 5-7 days. Its recharging is performed by the wireless device, wherein the battery is sufficient for replenishment 60 minutes.
Last summer, Justin Lee opened pre-orders for Vessyl , to begin deliveries of the first customers was planned in early 2015. However, at the final stage of the development of the gadget are having problems, resulting in mass production have decided to postpone. As stated by the developers, they "can not sacrifice the quality of the product for the sake of meeting deadlines." Lee apologized to all those who pre-order the device left and promised to begin deliveries Vessyl customers at the end of the year.