Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Smart" wathes Moto 360 will receive a second-generation display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels

A year ago, Motorola released its first smart watch Moto 360 worth $ 249. And now, apparently, it's time the birth of their second generation built on the same platform as all Android Wear. Worn on the wrist unit goes under the code Smelt.

According to statistics, watches Moto 360 is the most popular model among devices running Android. It is safe to assume that this is due to the design of the gadget, as from a technical point of view, most of the decisions of this segment are almost identical.
As it became known, in the manufacturer's plans include the improvement of the already popular model, endowed with a round screen. If you believe the presented data, the new Moto 360 will receive display increased to 360 x 360 pixels resolution and platform Android Wear, is based on Android 5.1.
We also know that as a processor for the second generation Moto 360 selected chipset microarchitecture ARM v7a, bracelets and watches become interchangeable. Judging by the codename model, which can be translated as "molten metal" smart watches will boast all-metal housing.
Note that the resolution of the display at Apple Watch is a non-standard - 340 x 272 pixels for the version with 38-mm screen and 390 x 312 for a model with a 42 mm.
On the timing of the appearance of the second generation of Moto 360 is not known, sale Apple Watch will start on April 24th.