Friday, April 17, 2015

The American coffee shop showed parody promo video Apple for advertising ice cream with marijuana [video]

Network ice cream Ben & Jerry's shot parody commercials Apple «1994». Promo video is timed to start selling ice cream in a network with marijuana, scheduled for April 20.

Some time ago, in a number of states in the US for medical and recreational consumption of marijuana was legalized. It started selling in pharmacies and some shops, but the idea to adapt to this point networks catering literally in the air. Ben & Jerry's take a chance and released a new variety of ice cream BRRR-ito. To promote goodies removed parody of the legendary video Apple.
Promotional video was filmed in 1984 by request of Apple director Scott Riddle. It is dedicated to the production of the first Apple Macintosh computer and broadcast on the air only twice: 31 December 1983 and 22 January 1984, during the broadcast of Super Bowl.
In the autumn of 1983 was held a closed presentation of this video, it appeared on Steve Jobs. Promotional video quickly became a classic, received the Grand Prix Cannes Lions and then repeatedly called the best commercials of all time.