Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vulnerability No iOS Zone turns the iPhone and iPad in the "brick" [video]

At the RSA security conference in 2015, held these days in San Francisco research firm Skycure experts said the discovery of the vulnerability, which affects the iPhone and iPad, including even the most advanced models. This bug was called No iOS Zone.

Breach security of iOS 8 associated with connecting to wireless access points. Attackers can use it for the introduction of malicious code, resulting in a cyclical and ongoing reboot mobile gadgets.
iPhone and iPad victim undergoes DoS-attacks, which consists in continuous manipulation of SSL-certificates sent by the device, which leads to the "fall" as mobile applications and the operating system itself. The only way to "save" your device from vulnerability - to get out of range of the Wi-Fi.
Attack means No iOS Zone initiates permanent reboot smartphones and tablets under the control of iOS 8. The long chain of successive failures, reboots, under certain circumstances may lead to complete failure of the gadgets that claim to Skycure.
Experts note that they have not yet met the facts exploit outside the laboratory, but, according to them, soon to become aware of such incidents. Experts have turned to Apple with the proposal to close the vulnerability.