Monday, July 20, 2020

Insider: God of War will be released on PC this summer

There have been rumors on the net for a long time that Sony plans to review its policy regarding PlayStation exclusives and start releasing them on PC. However, after a very violent public reaction to the news about the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the boyar platform, the company hastened to dispel them. However, insiders claim that this is just dust in the eyes, but in fact, another port of the once available only on PS4 game is in development - the action game God of War. And his premiere is coming soon.

The good news was reported by authoritative insider Rand Al Tor on the Xbox Two podcast on YouTube. According to his sources, the game will be released on PC this summer, in August. Alas, the journalist, unfortunately, did not share other details of the potential PC version.

Recall that the release of God of War on personal computers was first discussed in April, after the pages of the PC versions of God of War itself, as well as The Last of Us Part II and other PlayStation exclusives appeared on Amazon. Then Sony denied all the rumors, and the pages of the games were removed from the store. Maybe the company just doesn't want to spoil the surprise?

By the way, there is an opinion that the announcement of the port of Horizon Zero Dawn was a kind of advertisement for the PlayStation 5, since the authors planned to make a trilogy, the second and third parts of which will be available only on PS5. If PC gamers are hooked by the game, and they want to continue, they will be forced to buy a console. It is possible that for God of War came up with a similar plan.

The last part of God of War to date was released in April 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The action movie received extremely high ratings from both the press and gamers. Curious if the game comes out on PC, will it be rated even higher than on PS4, as was the case with Death Stranding? Time will tell.