Monday, July 20, 2020

Switch-version of Crysis Remastered received a spectacular release trailer [VIDEO]

The authors of Crysis Remastered published a new trailer for the game. It is dedicated to a remaster for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. Owners of other platforms will receive an improved version, the details of which are not yet disclosed by the developers.

The gameplay from the trailer was recorded in 720p at 30 fps. The video demonstrates the technical features of the game, most of which are not new. Thus, the destructible environment and the sun rays of God Rays were available in the original Crysis, and the updated version for the Nintendo Switch will receive improved lighting effects, recycled vegetation, full dynamic lighting and other technical features that were not available at the time on DirectX 9.

The Crysis remaster will be released on Switch on July 23, and on this platform the game will receive unique mechanics - aiming with a gyroscope. On PC, Xbox One and PS4, the game will get later: the developers postponed the release due to dissatisfaction of fans.