Wednesday, March 11, 2015

iPhone 6s get a pink body and touch sensitivity display

Autumn Apple will introduce a new generation of smartphones branded iPhone 6s, which will have a number of key differences compared with existing models. One of the features of the device will be the screen, the touch sensitivity. Writes about this on Wednesday The Wall Street Journal.
iPhone 6s получит розовый корпус и чувствительный к силе нажатия дисплей

iPhone 6s borrow from smart watches Apple Watch technology «Force Touch», which allows the display of portable devices to recognize not only a place of depression, but also force: so users can cause different context menus without unnecessary movements. At this point it is not known what new ways of interaction will appear in the iPhone 6s with the advent of this mechanism.

It is a touchscreen Apple Watch some experts believe the main innovation. The pressure-sensitive display is presented in hours and trackpad in the updated laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro. Wearable computer screen Apple is unique in that it offers more methods of interaction with the user, respectively, the developers were able to put more functionality into the limited space of a compact device.
WSJ also has information about the design iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. According to the newspaper, the next generation of "apple" communicators will not differ from the iPhone and the iPhone 6 6 Plus - Apple plans to use similar body in the next two years. Will not change and diagonal displays. But kupertinovtsy intend to please the users of the new colors - pink.
The current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is available in three colors - dark gray, silver and gold. Pink iPhone has the potential to become a bestseller in the Asian region, where the company has already demonstrated impressive growth.