Monday, September 29, 2014

Chinese startup ECOO prepares eight-smartphone with Full HD-TV for $ 114

It's no secret that smartphones Xiaomi Redmi , positioned as a mid-level device, are very popular, and all because of the incredible value and prices. Few of the major manufacturers have dared to challenge the Xiaomi and release a cheaper device with similar specifications, but will soon be the most powerful smartphone, offered at a price below $ 150, can go to the Chinese start-AAP ECOO, who spoke on his Facebook page about upcoming premiere smartphone ECOO with eight cores from MediaTek and Full HD-TV for unbelievably low price - 699 yuan ($ 114).
Китайский стартап ECOO готовит восьмиядерный смартфон с Full HD-экраном за $114

Китайский стартап ECOO готовит восьмидерный смартфон с Full HD-экраном за $114
Unfortunately, technical details about the smartphone ECOO team did not disclose, but we know that the phone is running MIUI ROM.Currently, all relevant information about the project is laid out on a page in Facebook . The official website is not yet functioning, but in the words of one member of the group of its launch will take place in the near future.