Monday, September 29, 2014

Nixie - wrist UAV based on Intel Edison

In recent years, the market has become less gadgets products that can cause the effect of the modern consumer, "Wow!" But drone Nixie can definitely count on getting a list of such devices. Of course, over the past few years a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles have become so popular that new releases of these devices do not cause the majority of people due curiosity, but Nixie them favorably. 
Nixie - наручный беспилотник на базе Intel Edison

The fact that the drone can be worn on the hand like an ordinary bracelet. And at any time when you want to make Nixie float in the air, only need to deploy it, turn the power on and let go.
Nixie - наручный беспилотник на базе Intel Edison
If we consider the drones from the perspective of ordinary citizens, these devices need to be particularly useful in cases when you need to capture some special frame in nature or in a remote place. But what if you do want to be in that frame, and not capture panoramic and landscape photos? Comes to help Nixie. When you activate the "setting your camera free" drone begins not just float in the air, but at the same time and move behind you, holding the frame. This opens up endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts as well as professionals involved in climbing and other extreme sports.
Nixie - one of those gadgets that experience which is difficult to put into words, so suggest that you first watch the video below.

Nixie is working on a hardware-based technology Intel Edison . This tiny computer is available in the production and relatively compact in size, making it ideal for placement inside the body drone. And let admittedly Nixie looks too cumbersome for everyday wear, but all of its features is unlikely someone will make a long sad about the size.
Nixie - наручный беспилотник на базе Intel Edison
Currently there is no specific information about the release date of the gadget, and no full support resource product. The only way to stay on top of the development process - to visit the project site , where you can subscribe to the newsletter.