Thursday, September 25, 2014

Experts have tried to bend iPhone 6 Plus [video]

Until now, we've only seen pictures of curved iPhone 6 Plus and video bloggers who tried to deform the device in their hands. Experts uBreakFixCo decided to conduct professional testing fableta and compare the new strength to other smartphones.

In testing participated iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5. Each device was placed under a press with a pressure of 20 kg and measured the distance that the unbent his body.
The most resistant to bending deformation was iPhone 5 - he clocked 1.75 mm. In second place on the strength of iPhone 6 Plus, his record of 3.25 mm. Least durable helpful Korean planshetofon who caved to 4.5 mm.
Although the iPhone 6 Plus and showed better results than the Galaxy Note 3 of the design features - all-metal aluminum case - after a certain force the device can not reflexed back, while the plastic Galaxy Note 3 will take the same form. However, the efforts of 20 kg is not enough to block "apple" gadget took a curved shape, pointed in uBreakFixCo.

Customers who themselves conducted such tests, saying that in order to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, lying in front pants pocket, have to sit in very specific positions. A video clip where a smartphone specifically trying to bend, applying for this great effort and did not be considered indicative. During normal operation, no one would like to get up with your phone.