Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to install Angry Birds Transformers on the iPhone and iPad now!

September 25 in the App Store took a limited release of a new game of "Angry Birds" Angry Birds Transformers . This cut we are talking about an arcade runner - Bailouts and destruction in the style of the original design is not here. The game became available on the iPhone and iPad users in New Zealand.

Gamers to arcades in the traditional manner to move from left to right and shoot the buildings and hostile pigs with propellers located on the second level. In this case, transformer and if you want to turn into a car to accelerate, and avoid the falling buildings. The game is replete with spectacular explosions and Slo-mo, and also allows you to play with "mechanical assistant" - the second character, which can also be controlled.
All interested persons outside New Zealand can also play Angry Birds Epic. It is very simple, it is enough to have an account in this store. Registration takes less than 5 minutes.
Note: For information on when Angry Birds Transformers will be released on the global market, is not known. After the release of the project developers also promise version of the game for Android and Windows Phone 8.

How to download Angry Birds Transformers on the iPhone and iPad now!

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
Step 2: Get out of your account, Apple ID.
Step 3: click on the icon with a check mark in the lower right corner of the iTunes switch to New Zealand.
Step 4: Write in the search Angry Birds Transformers or follow this link . Free Press under the application icon.
Step 5: In the logging in click Create Apple ID.
Step 6: On the next screen, fill in all required fields. Not need to enter accurate information to pinpoint the main mailing address.
Step 7: Under Details about payment options, select "No". If you just decide to have an account in iTunes, but will not download the free app, this option will not appear.
Step 8: Fill in the rest of the information. Again observe the accuracy is not required.
Step 9: On your shipping address you specified in step 6, comes a link to confirm your account. Go for it.
Step 10: Download Angry Birds Transformers and synchronize your device. The game will appear on your iPhone or iPad.