Thursday, September 25, 2014

IPhone fans effortlessly bent Samsung Galaxy S4 [video]

Viral video Unbox Therapy on bendy iPhone 6 has generated a wave of rumors about the low hull strength of new smartphones. Network media immediately picked up by a sensation - "new iPhone bend", "iPhone 6 - the flexes smartphone" vying publishing pictures of deformed units.In this case, none of them, of course, not even in his hands the unit itself and did not bother to find out how in this sense things other gadgets.

The thickness of the iPhone 6 Plus is really small (7.1 mm with a length of 15.8 cm), and the body is made of aluminum - not the most durable alloy in the world. This is known. But Apple has always been famous for high quality performance of their devices and the fragility of the new iPhone 6 is obviously another myth - the same as the myth of bendable iPhone 5s in the last year and "flimsy" iPhone 5 in the previous year .
Experiments have shown that in order to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, lying in front pants pocket, have to sit in a very specific poses. A test Unbox Therapy, where smartphone specifically trying to bend, applying for this great effort and did not be considered indicative. During normal operation, no one would like to get up with his gadget. In addition to this load is not meant any device.
Confirmation of the thesis is the last video in which the test is to flex Samsung Galaxy S4.Moreover, the device is easily deformed after a few clicks, so the phone still falls off the back cover and screen pops. This is the question about the bendable smartphone.